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"We signed up 19 sponsor spots at $198 each and sold 600 Homecoming posters for $10 each. We raised $8,000 in one week and created beautiful posters that everyone loved!"   
Dave- Oakland, CA  




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 PosterOnline.Org can offer any group, company or school a high quality fundraiser. 

* We welcome you to a new and exciting fundraising opportunity and invite your organization to organize a poster project through PosterOnline. We custom design your desired look and the poster content will be determined by your organization and its needs. We will provide all the tools and support needed to make your project a success. The PosterOnline.Org fundraising system will provide your organization with the most professional posters possible. Our designers, printers  and shippers work together at the lowest cost available to offer you a most rewarding fundraiser. We guarantee our fundraising system will provide your organization and all recipients a poster project that will make everyone proud.

* With no out of pocket expense you can show your pride and market your group by completing a personalized poster fundraiser. Receive as many posters as you need and we will custom design, print and deliver your posters at no cost to you. You are competing with many other groups for the same sponsorship dollar, so stand out from the other fundraisers with PosterOnline.Org.

1) Sign up local business sponsor spots and receive 50% or more in fundraising profit.                            A PosterOnline representative will format and personalize a poster fundraiser per your needs. We help you determine an inexpensive sponsor spot price and the total number of sponsor spots needed. 

2) Sign up posters to be sold and receive 100% profit.                                                                                             Your PosterOnline representative will also provide a goal of posters to be sold per your group size   and capability. The number of posters sold and the dollar amount you receive is 100% your profit.                                                                       

Take a moment to preview our website which explains how a poster fundraiser works and how it will benefit you.  


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